- cheap Server-prices
- high available (99,98%)
- optimal fast
- Hosting more as 8 Years
Support eqal at SA/SO
- high Security
- optional with Plesk/cPanel
- Green-Cool and -Power

easy to start: You find the
order link direct under the
server-package Webutation

dedicated Root-Server HighQuality

d-Server-Packages HighQ

The really dedicated server models "HighQ" offer the maximum in achievement. All models dispose of a Flatrate up to 1000 GB with 100 MBit / sec and when you use more then with 10 MBit / sec. 2x 250 GB or 2x 320 GB Harddisks minimized the riskk about a RAID Array. It´s possible to get an additional IP or a Subnet in RIPE-Standard.
dServer HighQ Level 1
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850e (2500 MHz, 2x512 KB)
HD 2x 250 GB (7200 UPM/S-ATA)
Traffic 1000 GB
RAM 1 x 2 GB
dServer HighQ Level2
CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200 (2330 MHz, 4196 KB)
HD 2x 250 GB (7200 UPM/S-ATA)
Traffic 1000 GB
RAM 2 x 2 GB
dServer HighQ Level3
CPU Intel Xeon Processor X3360 (2830 MHz, 2x6144 KB)
HD 2x 320 GB (7200 UPM/S-ATA II)
Traffic 1000 GB
RAM 4 x 2 GB
Tecnical Informations:
NetworkvS: 100 mbit/s full
OS-Center: Saarlouis, Germany
Peering: ServerService, DTAG
Clima: JA
Alarm: JA
Monitoring JA
Fedora, Debian, SUSE, Gentoo, Windows Server 2003 (optional)


Server-Package - Monthly based prices:
dServer HighQ
Level 1
107,66 EUR / Month
dServer HighQ
Level 2
122,02 EUR / Month
dServer HighQ
Level 3
230,72 EUR / Month
plus onetime Setup-Fees

Server-Paket Setup-Fees:
dServer HighQ
Level 1
152,78 EUR / onetime
dServer HighQ
Level 2

182,52 EUR / onetime

dServer HighQ
Level 3
435,80 EUR / onetime
Support via Telefon in normal Opening-Time
Support via Ticket-System 24 / 7
First-Reaction in beetween 4 hours in
the normal Opening-Time
otherwise 12 hours outside normal
Price incl. 1 IP. Optional you can order up to 3 IPs per  19,95 Euro/Jahr/each

Alle Preise auf Monatsbasis und enthalten bereits die gültigen Steuern von derzeit 21% IVA(VAT/MwSt). Es entfallen keine Einrichtungskosten oder Versandtkosten!

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