virtuelle Root-Server
virtual Root Servers von

only with 1,00 Euro / month you can start to rent your own root-serve, with a disk-space of 16 GB and 1 GB RAM. Thats enourgh for the most programs to start. Your server is ready in 3 minutes! Prices and details, you find here

dedizierte Root-Server

dedicated Root-Server from

dedicated Root-Server with high security and absolut powerful will been used most from big companies.

you find here prices and details about dedicated rootservers

Webspaces mit Verwaltung unter Confixx oder cPanel
Webspaces from

For other users or comapnies, they dont need a own Server, the best is they used a hosted webspace from You can find your on the webspace sites your powerful webspace with admin interface confixx or cPanel. More about of the webspaces from you find here
Domains von

you can register domains starts for only 70 Cents. You can choice ot of more as 270 Domain-Endings. You administer all self: Nameservers, DNS-Zones, Owner, Admin-C, Tech-C and Bill-C-Contact! And when you need, we help you - more infos here